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Always starting over!!!

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Physical change is only a part of the weight-loss process and if you do not change the way you think, the work won’t be complete.

Once a friend told me that food addiction is like alcoholism. That is true. If you eat one single candy on a sensitive moment and if you are not able to eat “only that piece”, you are going to lose control and all your dedication is a waste!

That’s exactly what just happened to me. I fall back on the old mental “trap”. I had moments of anxiety, low self-esteem and what happened? I went from 70Kg to 76 in only one month. I am angry and mad at myself. But now I have to stop crying over the spilled milk and I cannot lose all the work I had to lose weight…

Ok, we are humans, we make mistakes. But I cannot give up. What I have to do is start all over again and get back on track.

Why I was fat

First of all, I need to say that I did not see myself before as a fat person.

In the top of my 100kg in January this year (and a little bit more a few years ago) I didn’t look myself in the mirror. I didn’t choose the clothes that I wanted to wear but the ones that would fit me. I didn’t look direct into other people’s eyes, I was always making jokes about my own body and every good thing that’d happen in my life I’d celebrate with food. I’d eat because I was sad, anxious, worried.

I’d eat to remember something, to forget about something, to relief the pain.. Everything was always related to food and even then I did not think I was fat.