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Physical change is only a part of the weight-loss process and if you do not change the way you think, the work won’t be complete.

Once a friend told me that food addiction is like alcoholism. That is true. If you eat one single candy on a sensitive moment and if you are not able to eat “only that piece”, you are going to lose control and all your dedication is a waste!

That’s exactly what just happened to me. I fall back on the old mental “trap”. I had moments of anxiety, low self-esteem and what happened? I went from 70Kg to 76 in only one month. I am angry and mad at myself. But now I have to stop crying over the spilled milk and I cannot lose all the work I had to lose weight…

Ok, we are humans, we make mistakes. But I cannot give up. What I have to do is start all over again and get back on track.

You can tell me that talking is easy, and it really is! But I want to see you sweating your t-shirt and survive the pressure knowing that we are close to Christmas and all the delightful things that comes with it!

But as I already proved to myself that “where there is a will, there is a way”, let’s get it started! Again!

This way, I believe we cannot keep regretting what we did wrong, but we have to start all over again. Try every day of the week, if needed. Then suddenly it will work. Expecting too much from yourself is damaging to your self-esteem and overall wellbeing. It’s good to have high standards, but it’s important to be reasonable with yourself.

Dieting requires a lot of good will and initiative. So believe me when I am saying that not everyone can do it. So, celebrate every gram/pound you lose and relax. Everything is gonna be all right.

Here I go again: this time starting with 76kg. On my way to 70kg one more time!

Here I share with you my super healthy snacks of the day. (I must admit that living in Italy with all the wonderful culinary is not much of a help! LOL)

Papaya + detox juice (1/2 stalk celery, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 slice of pineapple, half an apple and a 250 ml water [in Brazil you can use coconut water instead]).

Much love to you and see you next time.

 Ale Paintinger

6 thoughts on “Always starting over!!!

  1. Caroleta :P

    meu, te admiro muito por conseguir tomar um suco detox com vinhos maravilhosos a sua disposição hahaha. Serio, isso é um troço q n tomo nem q ofereçam dinheiro junto. Eu tbem to presa nos 76kg, lutando pra chegar nos 63… vamos la que a gente consegue! beijao, saudade!

    1. Ale Paintinger Post author

      rsrs, fica uma deliciaaaaa ;)… nem publiquei o omelete com brocolis que comi no almoço, rs… eu estava com 70 e menina cai naqueles velhos esquemas mentais e me ferrei… bjsss mil, saudades

  2. iena71

    Hai ragione…bisogna avere il coraggio di ricominciare sempre perché la via più semplice spesso non è la migliore e come sarebbe semplice dopo il primo errore lasciarsi andare rifugiandosi nell’ unico grande atto consolatorio che già conosciamo…mangiare!!

    1. Ale Paintinger Post author

      Grazie della visita ;)…però con tutte queste feste, é un po’ un disastro.. io ho capito che almeno con me, devo insistere e lavorare la mente sempre, perche é un’attimo ricadere, ho cambiato il mio fisico in pochissimo tempo, pero la mentalità é ancora di una persona che é stata obesa per tanti anni… e poi la mia palestra é chiusa perche si stanno trasferendo, mi devo sforzare doppiamente per rinunciare alle tentazione…

  3. iena71

    Ciao equipe di misura giusta volevo ringraziarvi per avermi dedicato il vostro tempo e realizzato la scheda fitness con cui ho già iniziato a lavorare e che spero mi porterà presto a buoni risultati.

    1. Ale Paintinger Post author

      Ciao, siamo noi che ti ringraziamo per la fiducia accordarci… Dopo vorremo vedere le foto dei progressi 😉

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