image (5)There is a Brazilian song that says something like this: “The one who knows what it wants, does not wait, makes it happen…”
Unfortunately, I spent too many years waiting something to happen. I was so pessimist that I didn’t even tried because if I was already thinking that something wasn’t going to work, why should I even try, isn’t it?
The gym where I do my workouts was closed for 3 weeks. I was worried I’d gain a lot of weight, because of the Christmas Holidays. I didn’t know what to do. But today when I weigh myself: I am with 75kg.
Yesterday my personal trainer made me a new fitness-program and I love it. It is designed to activate my metabolism and is also a localized gymnastic training (LGT) to define legs abs and glutes. (If you are interested you can ask a custom program to yourself here)
But before you start, as my personal trainer says, it is necessary to balance nutrition and exercise. He affirms “the process of a physical training is 70% nutrition”.  To eat every three hours is ideal and do not forget the carbohydrate if you train hard.
So my goals now are: increase lean body mass, activate my metabolism, leave aside all laziness (yes, it is persistent. LOL) and work on my self-esteem (my thoughts are still from a fat and unhappy person).
Yet the desire to eat sweets sometimes is very strong. Specially on those days… then I remembered a light and delicious recipe that every Brazilian loves: gelatin with yogurt. The photo is of my passion fruit gelatin with natural yogurt.
Lots of love and a healthy 2016!
Ale Paintinger
Translation (Portuguese – English): Luciana Heinrich

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