Useless thoughts!!


For a long time, I was blocked in my mind. I always had good advice to give to the others and boost their self-confidence. However, when I was supposed to say something about me, I didn’t have nothing good to say. Ever.
The problem wasn’t only my life and the daily problems, but how I was used to face each and every situation… The way I found was always eating, I was always searching for excuses. On my mind I wouldn’t believe it was possible to change. I was always thinking I could do anything but to lose weight. I was sure I would not succeed and was absolutely blind on my thoughts that I would not even try anything.

The advice I can give to you is that you have to identify the negative thoughts which stop you to move forward. Analyze if those thoughts are real and think about all the reasons you may think you won’t be able to achieve your goals. Find the “mental walls” you have to tear down. Once you recognize the useless thoughts that discourages you, you will be able to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.  It works like this: if you think you cannot run but you can move your leg, then you’ll probably be able to walk as well! If you can walk, you’ll probably be able to run.. and so on… You always have to insist.

Ok, It’s time, let’s go!

image (5)There is a Brazilian song that says something like this: “The one who knows what it wants, does not wait, makes it happen…”
Unfortunately, I spent too many years waiting something to happen. I was so pessimist that I didn’t even tried because if I was already thinking that something wasn’t going to work, why should I even try, isn’t it?
The gym where I do my workouts was closed for 3 weeks. I was worried I’d gain a lot of weight, because of the Christmas Holidays. I didn’t know what to do. But today when I weigh myself: I am with 75kg.
Yesterday my personal trainer made me a new fitness-program and I love it. It is designed to activate my metabolism and is also a localized gymnastic training (LGT) to define legs abs and glutes. (If you are interested you can ask a custom program to yourself here)
But before you start, as my personal trainer says, it is necessary to balance nutrition and exercise. He affirms “the process of a physical training is 70% nutrition”.  To eat every three hours is ideal and do not forget the carbohydrate if you train hard.
So my goals now are: increase lean body mass, activate my metabolism, leave aside all laziness (yes, it is persistent. LOL) and work on my self-esteem (my thoughts are still from a fat and unhappy person).
Yet the desire to eat sweets sometimes is very strong. Specially on those days… then I remembered a light and delicious recipe that every Brazilian loves: gelatin with yogurt. The photo is of my passion fruit gelatin with natural yogurt.
Lots of love and a healthy 2016!
Ale Paintinger
Translation (Portuguese – English): Luciana Heinrich

Always starting over!!!

image (1)

Physical change is only a part of the weight-loss process and if you do not change the way you think, the work won’t be complete.

Once a friend told me that food addiction is like alcoholism. That is true. If you eat one single candy on a sensitive moment and if you are not able to eat “only that piece”, you are going to lose control and all your dedication is a waste!

That’s exactly what just happened to me. I fall back on the old mental “trap”. I had moments of anxiety, low self-esteem and what happened? I went from 70Kg to 76 in only one month. I am angry and mad at myself. But now I have to stop crying over the spilled milk and I cannot lose all the work I had to lose weight…

Ok, we are humans, we make mistakes. But I cannot give up. What I have to do is start all over again and get back on track.

Why I was fat

First of all, I need to say that I did not see myself before as a fat person.

In the top of my 100kg in January this year (and a little bit more a few years ago) I didn’t look myself in the mirror. I didn’t choose the clothes that I wanted to wear but the ones that would fit me. I didn’t look direct into other people’s eyes, I was always making jokes about my own body and every good thing that’d happen in my life I’d celebrate with food. I’d eat because I was sad, anxious, worried.

I’d eat to remember something, to forget about something, to relief the pain.. Everything was always related to food and even then I did not think I was fat.